Electrostatic Spray Painting of Lockers in New York

Make Your Existing Lockers Look Brand New

Schools, Gyms, and various other locations all over New York contain lockers that have been worn from years of everyday use. Replacing your lockers can be expensive and uneccessary. If you are looking to revitalize the look of your lockers, our electrostatic painting services in New York may be for you.

How Does Electrostatic Spray Painting Work?

An electrostatic paint sprayer gives each particle of paint a negative electrical charge. The like-charged molecules push away from each other, which makes the paint spread evenly as it is applied. Additionally, the metal item that is being painted is given a positive charge, so that it attracts the paint. The new coat of paint clings evenly to all parts of a metal object.

What are the Advantages of Electrostatic Painting?

  •  The new coat of paint is just like a factory finish; the locker looks brand new.
  •  Electrostatic painting creates very little overspray, so there is little waste and no mess.
  •  We can match the colors of your current lockers, or we can match any other color you want to change them to.
  •  Electrostatic painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to paint your lockers.
  •  Rust, pitting and graffiti can be removed and covered, making your lockers look new again.
  •  With our New York crews available to do electrostatic painting at night, your lockers can often be painted without any disruption to your normal business.


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