Fine Paints of Europe’s Hollandlac New York

For those SOHO loft owners or renters looking for an all-around outstanding paint product, consider Hollandlac by Fine Paints of Europe. PNP has used it on a number of paint projects and it's finish is fantastic.

Here's what to know about Hollandlac paint.

Color Depth and Fade-Resistant

Hollandlac, a Dutch oil-based, ultra high-gloss enamel, has great depth of color and resists fading. Fine Paints of Europe's Hollandlac comes in Brilliant and Satin for interiors and exteriors. Brilliant is for surfaces that need a deep look, shimmer or pop, while Satin is a bit more subdued but no less attractive.

A bonus is that Hollandlac is marine quality, which means it can be used on pool surfaces and the like. Another upside of Hollandlac is its covering power. In two coats it can cover any existing color on a given surface.

Variety of Use

PNP's expert painters have applied Paints of Europe's Hollandlac to wood, all sorts of metals (stairs, railing, tables) and plaster, but it can also be used on woodboard and plastic. PNP has applied it to doors, kitchen cabinets, fireplaces, stair risers, furniture, floors, decks, fireplaces and a variety of other objects and surfaces.

Color Options

The Hollandlac color palette is expansive with 10,000 FPE colors, 3,000 Pantone colors and, as Fine Paints of Europe notes, “an unlimited number of custom-tinted colors.” Fine Paints of Europe made Hollandlac's whites look absolutely luminous, or subdued, depending on one's particular aesthetic.

Surface Appearance

Hollandlac looks absolutely incredible on interior doors and trim. Since the paint flows nicely out of the brush, it appears as though the coating has been sprayed on. But upon closer inspection there is a fine brush stroke, giving the coating that “old fashioned” finish that so many NYC residents are looking for..

Hollandlac by Fine Paints of Europe gives your apartment or loft that classic, traditional look that no other can boast.

Requires Experienced Application

Here's the catch about Hollandlac: it's beauty is matched only by its complexity, which means a painting contractor should be certified to work it. PNP is Fine Paints of Europe-certified, which keeps us in the know about the company's best paint application practices, and allows us to apply the coatings at a fair price.

PNP Craftsmen is based in Ridgewood, New York. Our interior painting work using Fine Paints of Europe's Hollandlac Brilliant and Satin paints can be seen in fine homes and lofts throughout the New York City region, including Manhattan (SoHo) and Brooklyn, and other metropolitan areas. 

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