When should I remove my popcorn ceiling in Manhattan?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whether selling, renovating your home or moving into a new place, you will want to remove that unsightly, outdated and possibly harmful popcorn ceiling in your Manhattan apartment.

The best times to remove popcorn ceilings are:

  • Before moving in

  • When you are out of town

  • During renovations

  • Before you put it on the market 

Clean popcorn ceiling removal

Removing the popcorn ceiling can be messy and time consuming. Instead of trying to remove it yourself and damaging your ceiling, let our professionals do it easily. We use a special device to remove the popcorn from your ceiling that reduces the dust in your home.

This video in this post is an example of our reduced dust method. 

The benefits to our popcorn ceiling removal method are:

  • Less mess of debris

  • Less dust in the air

  • Faster removal of popcorn ceilings

Asbestos in the ceiling?

Live in an older building? If your ceiling was put up before 1977, asbestos may be present. We can test for asbestos and if found an abatement company must remove it. The cost for this service has a price range. We've seen it run from $350-450. 

Ready to update your popcorn ceilings?

You’ll save time and money while updating the look of your home by using popcorn ceiling removal services, such as PNP Craftsmen, to modernize your home within your budget. Contact us to find out about using our reduced dust method to get rid of your popcorn ceiling.




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