Solve Blistering and Bubbling Paint on Walls

Friday, July 22, 2011

Solve Blistering and Bubbling Paint on Walls

When dealing with blistering or bubbling paint, we all must know where the problem originates from. Understanding where the problem comes from is ideal for preventing further obstructions of blistering and bubbling.  Today we will discuss why this issue occurs and what we can do to solve it. 

Blistering and bubbling in paint projects mainly occurs when adhension is loss between the surface and the paint.  Once the adhension is lost, the paint becomes loose and lifts up.  This results in a bubble like bump forming in the wall. Other causes of paint to blister is the application of oil-based or alkyd paint over a wet surface and also moisture seeping in through exterior walls, but this is unlikely to happen if latex paint is used. Also, if latex paint is exposed to high humidity shortly after the paint has dried, there is a possibility of blistering in the paint.

So now, how can blistering or bubbling of paint be solved? One method would be scrapping off the blistered paint, sanding the surface and finally repainting the section.  For recommendations on your specific residential or commercial area, please contact us and we will gladly assist your situation. 

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