Skim Coating and Ceiling Paint in Brooklyn Townhouse

Monday, August 27, 2012

Skim Coating and Ceiling Paint in Brooklyn Townhouse

Skim coating, while simple in theory, is one of the most exacting and difficult tasks that we perform as a painting contractor. This was especially true in this Brooklyn townhouse, where we skim coated the ceiling!

When a wall has imperfections or damage that cannot be repaired well by fixing just that spot, skim coating is the answer. The process involves spreading a new layer of plaster compound on the surface and smoothing it carefully, then sanding it off. To achieve a truly flawless finish, the person doing the skim coating must be patient, skilled and extremely careful.

On this project, a main-floor townhouse in Brooklyn, a wall had been removed, leaving an ugly gash across the ceiling where it had been. This obviously needed thorough repair. There are also a number of “trimless” light fixtures, which are mounted directly in the ceiling with no encircling ring. These require special care and skill to work around when skim coating and painting a ceiling. Finally, notice the light washing in from the windows and from the bookcase lights—any imperfections on this ceiling will be clearly highlighted.

PNP Craftsmen employs skilled painters, and they did a fantastic job with this Brooklyn dwelling. Their skim coating was perfect, and they finished the ceiling off with a high-quality paint from Farrow and Ball. The results: spectacular!

For skim coating services or other interior painting questions, feel free to contact PNP Craftsmen. Our office staff are professional and helpful, and our painters are reliable and careful. We serve Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan and Long Island.

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