Plaster Repair and the New EPA RRP Lead Rules

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Plaster Repair and the New EPA RRP Lead Rules

Plaster repair and drywall repair in areas such as New York where the housing stock is older have been greatly impacted by the new EPA RRP rules.  RRP means renovation, repair and painting and the rules apply to any trade that disturbs more than six square feet of interior space in a home built before 1978 that has a bedroom (studio apartments currently excluded), schools and daycare facilities.  Simply sanding a surface is disturbing it under these new rules.

The purpose of the rules is to protect current and future owners and occupants of a space from lead dust.  There is a new customer awareness publication that must be provided by the renovator to affected parties.  Some surface preparation methods are no longer allowed and specific protection, signage and cleanup procedures must be followed.  The workers must be trained and the contracting company certified.  

As of this post, there is no approved field method of testing for lead  on drywall or plaster surfaces outside of Massachusetts, therefore renovators and homeowners are faced with the prospect of paying for lab testing or working under the assumption that lead is present when performing plaster repair or drywall repair.  If a test kit does get approved in the future for plaster repair or drywall repair it will likely be posted on their website.

Wood and metal surfaces can be tested inexpensively in the field by trained contractors and an immediate result obtained.

Because of some administrative issues, the required dates that  worker training and company certification must be completed have been delayed, however the work site rules are currently in force and should be followed by all contractors whether or not they have received their paperwork from the EPA.

All of this has added to the cost of affected renovations but they have also added to the safety of them. Click here to download 3 Ways You Can Minimize the Cost Impact of the EPA RRP Rules while maintaining the safety of your home for your family and future occupants.

PNP Craftsmen is an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm and has multiple trained renovators on staff.

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