Paint it Green With Scuffmaster’s Envirometal Paint

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

In most recent news, our company featured the Scuffmaster Envirometal 0 VOC metallic paint in one of our projects.  The green paint applied onto the surface just like any other paint.  It was easy to apply and dried very quickly.  In the end, the results of the green paint were terrific.  Even the architect in charge of the project had home owners and customers saying:

 "The metallic samples you gave turn out to be so nice that the clients decided to shift their use from accent walls entire rooms." 

The Scuffmaster's Envirometal Metallic Paint is an easy way to go green without having to give up style.

The green paint serves a metallic dimensional result, which can be applied on almost all surfaces.  It can be applied through two methods: brush or roll.  If one chooses to apply the paint with a roller, then they will receive a sprayed metallic finish.  On the other hand, if one chooses to use a brush, then they will receive a reflective metallic finish varying with lighting.  Both methods of application will provide a stunning result depending on the customers preferences.

Now style is not the only result that comes with the Scuffmaster's Envirometal metallic paint. The 100% LEED compliant green paint is applicable both indoors and outdoors.  It provides impact and abrasion resistant pattern on the final product and also has Microban® Antimicrobial Protection.  

Low odor and zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) are also a sweet deal that come with the package.  Low odor paints reduce the smell of paints which may cause damage to the lungs.  Zero VOC in green paints promotes a healthier and safer environment for the painters and customers.   

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Our customers say it best...

“I would like future customers to know how meticulous they were and how the final result exceeded my expectations!” Camille V. , NY
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