Milk Paint Floor on New York’s Upper East Side

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Milk Paint Floor on New York’s Upper East Side

At PNP Craftsmen, we always enjoy variety and originality in our work. It is high-end custom jobs like this one on the upper-east side that keep residential painting interesting. We used Milk Paint to restore the floor in this Upper East Side Condo and make it shine again with a classic charm.

Milk Paint is one of the oldest known forms of decorations, and it has been found in ancient cave dwellings and Egyptian pyramids. It was the main painting product across the world until the development of tightly-sealing metal cans in the late 1800’s, when oil-based paints took over. Now, however, as homeowners are insisting on safer, more natural products, milk paint has grown again in popularity.

Created from whole milk, mixed with lime, clay and pigments, Milk Paint is thoroughly safe and natural. It has no harmful VOC’s, lead or other toxins. Additionally, it creates a beautiful, velvety finish with classic, rich colors. It comes in a variety of colors and formulas, for use on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Milk Paint on Floor in New YorkA growing number of New York City residents are concerned about using natural products, both for health and environmental reasons.   That made milk paint an ideal product for use on this floor in the city’s upper-east side.  First we prepared the surface by cleaning it thoroughly and sanding it to remove all the previous coatings, then we applied the lighter base color and used tape to recreate the checkered pattern. Next, we added the darker paint and finally a protective coat of waterborne polyurethane, and the floor looks as good as new!

PNP Craftsmen is a quality painting contractor, we work regularly on the Upper East Side and in other neighborhoods in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island. Call us with any questions you have about eco-friendly painting, including Milk Paint and other green products.

For more pictures of this project click:  Milk Paint Album

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“Thank you both for all your hard work and taking care of Lane's bedroom. It looks beautiful and she will be absolutely THRILLED when she returns tonight. ” Michele A. , New York, NY
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