Match and Fix Paint with Exact Color Sealant

Thursday, June 23, 2011

With the Exact Color Sealant, your painters can now easily fix and match paint in your home easily!  In just 3 minute time, you can have the cracks in your home fixed.  The Exact Color Sealant is easy to use and ultra portable, making it a favorite among many of our customers!

The sealant is able to fix and match the paint on surfaces in both interior and exterior applications.  Interior locations, such as bathrooms and kitchens, are ideal locations for the application of this sealant.  The product works excellent on:

  • walls
  • tiles/stone
  • wood or vinyl molding
  • wood finishes, cabinetry
  • sidings
  • windows
  • brick
  • and many more.

The Exact Color Sealant is able to fix and match your paint issues with a simple mix and shake process.  This eliminates the need to add touch up paints to your projects.  The sealant can be used with any latex paint, which include metallic and textured paints, to match your current paints.  With all these varieties, fixing paint problems in your own home has just become a whole lot easier!

With the Exact Color Sealant, matching color on paint cracks is no longer an issue.  The sealant is the perfect way to create a matching custom color to your existing paint.  The Exact Color Sealant allows you to mix any latex paint to create your own customized paint. The entire process of mixing and transferring paint takes exactly 3 minutes!  Once the the paint is mixed, simply transfer it over to the provided cartridge, add the activator pack and shake it.  Once that's completed, you are ready to fix and match any paint problems you have at home.

The Exact Color Sealant is also a great eco friendly item.  It contains a low VOC formula and is able to cleaned by water.  The product can last up to 20-25 years and contains no isocyanates.   The sealant packaging is safe for users and is also recyclable.

Once the Exact Color Sealant has been applied to your surface, the results will be shocking!  The sealant creates a watertight seal and is extremely elastic!  The finished result can be compressed and won't crack.  It's very adhensive so tearing will not occur.  The sealant will cover up your cracks very nicely.  Not only that, but it will be hard to tell that you actually applied a fix to your crack because of the identical matching color!  For more information regarding products that easily fix paint problems, feel free to contact us.

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