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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Manhattan and around NYC, people are often looking for ways to go green for the environment and for the health of themselves and their family.  As professional green painters, we will share some of our green methods with you today.  At PNP Craftsmen, we consider the environment and our customers needs in our all our operations. From the types of paints we use to the vehicles we choose, we are qualified to be an NYC green painter.

Green Paints:

Choosing to use green paints will not only benefit the environment, but also your health!  Here in Manhattan, the environment is vital for professional painters.  Knowing what types of paint to use and the effects of them are key in our profession.  With that said, we mostly use green paints, which contain 0 VOC levels and no odor.  Some of the green paints we've previously used include Scuffmasters Envirometal metallic paintsBenjamin Moore's Aura and Natura.  We can advise you on the best choice for your project and any trade offs that might be necessary.

The Vans:

When choosing to deliver material from one site to another in Manhattan, painting companys often use vans to do the job.  An NYC green painting company will use an ecofriendly vehicle to do the job.  Here at PNP Craftsmen, we choose the Toyota Prius as our candidate.  After doing several comparisons, we found out that the Prius was most effective in completing deliveries. The Prius is capable of storing the same amount as our old vans and it's ecofriendly!  We use vans for transporting ladders and other large materials.  With this hybrid vehicle, we are able to create a green environment in Manhattan.  As the price of gas rises, we will be saving our environment and maintaining our prices!

The Breathable Wallpaper:

In a recent projects in Manhattan, we featured Sherwin William's Easy Change non woven wallpapers.  These ecofriendly wallpapers are so easy to put on and are so stable once installed.  The wallpapers are non vinyl wall coverings and are breathable, preventing moisture from being stuck inside.  In addition, they are easily washed and cleaned with water!  Green wallpapers, such as these from Sherwin Williams and other, are favorites among green painters in Manhattan.

Promoting a greener environment is important for green painters in Manhattan.  We know that we will be creating a safer environment for our customers and their families.  The green methods listed above are only a few of the methods we use at PNP Craftsmen.  Contact us for more information regarding our services and professional green methods 

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