Lead Safe Certified Painters Give Customers Peace of Mind

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lead Safe Certified Painters Give Customers Peace of Mind

Being a lead safe certified painter is very important to our customers.  Here at PNP Craftsmen, we always provide a peace of mind to our customers when dealing with lead.  Our safety procedures and practices regarding lead is known to all our painters.  We take great pride in providing a safe environment for all our customers and painters. 

PNP Craftsmen has recently sent four more employees to training sessions for the EPA RRP.  This training covered information on the current lead safety procedures.  We are proud to be a lead safe certified firm and continue our safe methods of performing our job.

As a lead safe certified professional painter, we always keep our customers in mind when working on a project.  We are always aware of the dangers of lead and lead exposure.  Knowledge of safe practices and procedures is always a priority for us.  Lead safe certified painters should always abide to the practices listed on the EPA's website, such as minimizing dust and containing the work area. Our customers and clients are always well informed about their projects and the method of completion.

When customers are seeking to have a lead safe certified firm to complete their projects, they should expect to receive information about:

  • the firm's EPA or state training certificates
  • lead safe practices for the project
  • most current and updated lead laws
  • results from previous lead tests
  • references from previous jobs involving 1978 or earlier homes
  • record of previous and current trainings that the firm has attended.
  • information about the EPA rules

For more information regarding lead safety, certified lead safe firms, or EPA rules and regulations, feel free to contact us.

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