Intumescent Painting on Structural Steel in Central Park Penthouse

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Intumescent Painting on Structural Steel in Central Park Penthouse

Thousands of buildings here in New York City rely on structural steel for their main strength and support. While it is often hidden, many architects choose not to hide, but to display the structural steel as another visual element in the design. In these cases, the structural steel is decorative as well as functional. This is definitely the case in a penthouse that we painted recently in Central Park West.

Part of the protection of buildings with structural steel is intumescent painting. This fire-retardant product looks just like a normal paint, but when it is exposed to fire, it produces special reactions that protect the steel underneath. First, intumescent paints expand to many times their original thickness, producing a thick layer of char. Additionally, the coating emanates hydrates when heated. These two factors allow steel beams to withstand several hours of intense heat without suffering any loss of structural strength.

In this trendy New York penthouse, we used intumescent paint from Albi. This product has a durable, attractive finish for interior structural steel. Because it is water-based, it has less odor than other products, and can be used in inhabited structures. Now protected with intumescent paint, the residents of this penthouse enjoy the safety and simple beauty of exposed structural steel. The photo below is the view from the window pictured above!

Intumescent paints are often used on fire escapes, fire doors, plumbing, venting, lath and plaster ceilings, timber framing and warehouse-style ceilings.

PNP Craftsmen, serving New York City and Long Island, provides commercial and industrial painting for a wide range of customers. Our services include electrostatic painting, faux finishing, staining, skim coating and, of course, fire-retardant intumescent coatings.

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