Interior Trim Paint and Recent Improvements

Monday, July 19, 2010

Interior Trim Paint and Recent Improvements

Trim is where the quality of your paint job will be most apparent.  It is trim you are most likely to touch and need to clean or will take the most abuse from a vacuum or children’s toys.  In the past trim was almost exclusively painted using oil paint and some might be surprised to know that it still can be.  But, at least here in New York,  you are no longer able to get oil based trim paint  in your big box home improvement store.  You will need to visit a quality paint store or have your paint contractor get it for you.  Oil based paint is still the most durable option and only in oil based paints can you achieve the highest gloss finishes like Fine Paints of Europe Brilliant.  

Water based products have been around for many years.  For a long time they were not considered suitable for high quality work.  Their main advantages were that they dried quickly, did not smell as much and did not yellow.  Unfortunately they did not provide the smooth durable finishes that we came to expect from oil paints.  In the last few years new products have been introduced who’s performance and durability are much improved.  At the same time some buildings in New York City will not allow any oil based products in them.   Whether its you building’s regulations, your tight time requirements or your environmental concerns, rest assured that you no longer need to give up the quality and look you expect.  Our favorite trim paints for water based high end work are Muralo Ultra and Fine Paints of Europe ECO.  We have been able to achieve oil quality smoothness with these products.  

One major manufacturer has announced to the trade a hybrid paint combining the alkyd resins of oil based paint in a waterborne formula.  We are testing this product and will report on it in a future post. 

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