Glazing: An alternative to wallpaper in bathrooms in New York City

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Glazing: An alternative to wallpaper in bathrooms in New York City

Solve the moisture problem

Moisture is the biggest culprit in bathrooms in New York City. Most bathrooms are poorly ventilated and steam gets trapped in the room. This steam can build up and peel off wallpaper, which can leave your bathroom unsightly. A great solution is a painting technique called glazing.

What is glazing?

This painting technique creates:

  • A dimensional look
  • A protected surface from moisture
  • A customizable, unique pattern


Glazing can be done in any color of your choice as a base coat with a translucent covering that can be manipulated to create texture. These textures can create the look of wallpaper in your bathroom as seen in the photos below. 

Doesn’t this bathroom make you feel like you are on summer vacation at the beach instead of a bathroom in a New York City apartment? The soothing sea foam green paint has stripes created using glazing. There are many other effects available as well.

Glazing is a great alternative to traditional wallpaper in your New York City apartment bathroom. The price is comparable to wallpaper but a better choice for three reasons:

  1. Works in any size bathroom while wallpaper patterns can look inconsistent.
  2. Will not peel or become moldy due to poor ventilation.
  3. Is completely customizable to your choice of patter and color.


Our professionals have used glazing in many New York City apartment bathrooms with great success. Contact PNP Craftsmen to discuss updating your bathroom with this beautiful and modern glazing technique, the perfect alternative to wallpaper.

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