Finishes Without Paint Peeling on Doors and Other Areas

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finishes Without Paint Peeling on Doors and Other Areas

A reoccurring issue that we receive from many customers when dealing with finishes is paint peeling.  We often get questions regarding how to prevent paint from peeling in areas such as doors or cabinets, when applying finishes.  Today we will discuss tips and products which can assist the application of finishes, without having peeling paint.

A popular area where paint peeling can occur as a result of finishes is at doors.  Many customers have told us that they experienced paint peeling off the casing of the door when a finish is applied.  This can occur on both interior and exterior doors.  The finish is applied to the door casing and once the door is closed and reopened, paint peels off. 

The reason for this is because the finishes that were used requre time for it to dry.  If the undry finish comes into contact with the door casing, then it will tear off some paint from the door. 

An easy solution to this problem is to use a finish maker which creates durable results in less time.  One of our recommendations of this kind of finish maker is the PPG Break Through.  The PPG Break Through creates amazing finishes that can withstand cracking and peeling.  With the PPG Break Through, you will be able to create great finishes, on not only doors, but on windows, trims, fixtures, and even concrete floors!

So the next time you create a great finishes for your home and don't want any paint peeling, be sure to check out the PPG Break Through finish makers.  You will get durable and great finishes without the worries of paint peeling from the surface.  For more information regarding peeling paint and our services with finishes, please contact us.

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