Painting with Farrow & Ball in Upper West Side, NY

Friday, May 17, 2013

PNP Craftsman have used some pretty fine paints over the years. But, one in particular stands out: Farrow & Ball. In case home and business owners on the UWS of Manhattan are unfamiliar with the paint company, Farrow & Ball colors are special and impossible to exactly duplicate in other paints.

So what makes Farrow & Ball colors so special and impossible to duplicate? I'll explain. 

The Paint

First of all, Farrow & Ball is made in England. Now, just because something is made across the pond, doesn't always translate to high quality. But, in this case, it's true. And here is why.

Farrow & Ball is known for its “age-old” paint manufacturing methods and fine ingredients. Founded by Richard Ball and John Farrow, two paint pioneers, in Dorset, England, the company was ahead of its time. All of the artisanal, back-to-basics approach that many small businesses are opting for these days, Farrow & Ball was doing before World War II. In other words, this company was into making things with the finest ingredients and techniques before it became a throw-back, vintage trend.

We've applied the paint on a number of UWS homes, and can speak to its incredibly dynamic color and the way the paint flows beautifully off the brush or out of a sprayer. 

Another upside to Farrow & Ball is that their line of oil paints are being replaced by eco-friendly waterborne Alkyds. All of the company's paints already contain low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content. They are also water-based, which renders the paints low-odor and quick-drying. All of this is great for families and Mother Nature. 

Farrow & Ball In-Action on the UWS

One of our recent UWS home painting projects features work with Farrow & Ball paint colors. The before and after transition was remarkable. For this job, we used floor paint on the trim because it offered the best match for the satin trim paint New Yorkers expect to find.

The home also had a full skim coat with flanking on the new plaster crown. Skim coating is a single coat of muddy plaster compound used to smooth or repair drywall. It's commonly used on Upper West Side and Upper East side homes; which, despite the character and elegance, still need to have their walls maintained.

To check out a recent job with Farrow & Barrow, head over to PNP Craftsman's Facebook page.

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