Decorate the Exterior of Your Home with Checkboard Designs

Friday, August 05, 2011

Decorate the Exterior of Your Home with Checkboard Designs

Sometimes, having an exterior design, such as on your house porch, can be a very eye welcoming sight. An exterior design that works great with almost all porches is the checkerboard floor design. By painting a checkerboard floor design as your exterior design, you add a sense of space to it.

The checkerboard floor design has been popular since the eighteenth century, which started because people wanted an inexpensive way to imitate the marble floors of classical buildings. In order to paint the checkerboard floor design on your porch, first prepare the wood by washing it with a trisodium phosphate and water solution and then rinse the wood. Then allow the wood to dry and sand the floor lightly. The third step is to prime and paint two coats of the lighter of the two colors over the whole porch. Allow the paint to completely dry. The fourth step is to use a chalk line and draw a line down the center of the porch.

Next, make 1 foot interval marks along every side of the porch, which will create the diamond pattern. The sixth step is to tape off the outside edges of every other row of diamonds. Finally, apply two coats of the second color inside these diamonds and when that’s complete, remove the painter’s tape while the paint is still wet. As seen, painting a checkerboard floor design as your exterior design on your porch is a great way to make your house look more pleasing to the eyes!

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