Can I Wash My Walls? With Fine Paints of Europe the Answer is Yes!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Can I Wash My Walls? With Fine Paints of Europe the Answer is Yes!
Can I wash my walls?  We hear this question a lot and the answer to whether you can wash your walls depends on the type of paint you have used.  Washing walls is something many American homeowners neglect when it comes to cleaning their homes.  It wasn’t always that way and it doesn’t have to be today.  Fine Paints of Europe, an American company focusing on high quality imported paints, has written an accessible and informative article about this topic. We love their products and are a certified contractor.   Here is what they have to say on the subject:

“In a world in which dangerous, exotic, antibiotic-resistant strains of microbes are becoming commonplace it is sensible to maintain high standards of cleanliness. This is especially true in the home environment where we sleep, eat and entertain - an environment over which we enjoy significant control. We at Fine Paints of Europe find it curious that most interior surfaces in well kept American homes are cleansed by regular washing but rarely if ever does a painted wall in a contemporary home receive cleaning of any type. Although walls comprise about three quarters of our home environment (all but ceilings, doors and windows) they seemingly escape the vision and thought of even the most fastidious homemakers. It was interesting that our client survey included several respondents who recalled that their Grandmothers made it a habit to wash walls as a part of their annual Spring-cleaning. No doubt, this job in Grandmother’s day was made possible by the washable oil paints of the past.

Research in hospital and classroom environments document the fact that bacteria are frequently deposited on painted wall surfaces from which transmission to others can take place. Bacteria deposits on walls can be eliminated with a disinfectant.

We at Fine Paints do not profess to be experts in bacteriology but they note that different wall paint formulations provide different degrees of texture. This difference is apparent under a microscope. Fine Paints of Europe Eurolux Matte wallpaint is a tight film with significantly less texture and contour than Behr Ultra Pure White Flat Wallpaint. The same film properties which make Eurolux Matte less likely to stain and easier to wipe clean provide it with a porcelain like finish and a surface less
receptive to germs and bacteria.

Both photos taken by the same camera with the same lens under identical lighting conditions. Certified statement from photographer available upon request.

We assume that many homeowners do not wash walls because most domestic wallpaints are not formulated for repeated washing. Eurolux Matte is SCRUBBABLE and it is formulated to accept regular washing without shift in color or finish. Our research indicates that a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar and water applied by sponge or dry Swiffer is all that is required to quickly disinfect walls and ceilings. Cost of such treatment  is minimal and since no rinsing is required an average room can be treated in 15 minutes.

For a demonstration of the Eurolux stain resistant wallpaint, please go visit Fine Paints of Europe

High performance paints such as Eurolax Matte Wallpaint excel in all respects. Although it is evident to the first time user that Eurolux provides beautiful colors that endure for many years, what is less appreciated is the margin of environmental safety provided by a tight washable paint film.”

So there you go..... you can wash your walls if you paint with the right product!  If you are currently considering a paint job, now is the time to ensure that the products you use can stand up to the cleaning and disinfecting methods you might want to use in the future.


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