Add Life to Your Wall With Color Washing

Friday, June 15, 2012

Add Life to Your Wall With Color Washing

Ever wanted a wall that looked alive and inviting?  Well, wait no more because these qualities can be exhibited through color washing.  Color washing is a faux painting technique that is used to create a vision of color layers.  It provides a diverse range of styles and gives an excellent sense of overlapping brush strokes.

Color washing is ideal for almost any interior environment, whether it be a living room or a kitchen.  It can assist on covering imperfection on walls or even cover up damaged walls.  Once the color washes are applied onto these walls, the entire room will transform into a more warm and soothing environment. 

Choosing to paint a wall through color washing is a great choice, especially when you want great looking colors on your wall!  With the color washing technique, we can easily create any color style the customer requests.  Brighter colors are often a popular choice for color washing.  The results produced create a lively feel for the room once painted on. 

For more information regarding color washing and styles of color washing, feel free to contact us with questions or requests.  We offer a free consultation to everyone seeking to start a new project, so don't miss out!



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