Stripping and Refinishing Steam Radiators

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Radiators after stripping and refinishing Stripping and Refinishing Steam Radiators
Radiator Needing Stripping and Refinishing Stripping and Refinishing Steam Radiators

Stripping and refinishing your old steam radiators can really clean up a space and eliminate a source of paint chips that can be hazardous.

Fall is almost here and it will be the last chance this year to strip or restore your old peeling steam radiators before next summer.  Once the heat comes on, it is not practical to work on them on site or remove them because the shut off valves often do not work as well as you would allowing leaks.

In most cases, it will be best to remove the radiators and have them stripped off site anyway.  If you do, there will be less chance that extensive lead protection is required and the radiators can get a spray finish as well all with minimal disruption of your home.  

If you are having your floors refinished, the floor refinisher can do a more throrough job if the radiators are out of the way and as always, if you combine your radiator stripping with other painting projects the overall cost will be lower.

These days, most people are going for a solid color sprayed finish to match the trim or walls of their home, however there are other options, including clear, simulated oil finishes or period finishes such as Bronzing or Polychroming

Off site is another reason to use a reputable full service painting company. The above Radiators were stripped and refinished by Tony at Color Your World Painting, a Painting and Decorating Contractor of America (PDCA) member on Long Island. 

If you are in New York City and are interested in stripping and refinishing your steam radiators , give us a call at 212-279-3668, or visit Find A Painter to find a PDCA member painter near you.

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