Painting Vinyl or Aluminum Siding in Nassau County

Monday, March 02, 2015

Painting Vinyl or Aluminum Siding in Nassau County Painting Vinyl or Aluminum Siding in Nassau County

With spring right around the corner, this is typically the time of year when you start to think about undoing the damage that winter has done to your home’s exterior. As green starts to spread across the lawn (it will happen!), it can be equally refreshing to watch new colors spread across your home. As a side note, preparing for painting is also a wonderful way to strategically check for weak spots in your exterior, nipping a potential issue in the bud.

If you have vinyl or aluminum siding, however, you might be left wondering what the best way to paint your home’s surfaces really is, or even if you can paint them at all! Let’s take a look at a few of the most common questions that tend to pop up when this topic is on the table. And, if you have any other questions specific to your painting project, feel free to send us an email or give us a call!

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

In short, yes you can! Thanks to modern, specifically-engineered paint formulas, you not only can paint your vinyl siding, but you can even change from one color to another. It used to be that matching, or choosing a lighter color, were the primary options you had. This was specifically because darker colors would absorb more sunlight, heat up, and cause the vinyl underneath to expand and contract with the fluctuating temperatures. This often caused substantial damage.

For more information about these specific products, take a look at Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Revive, or Sherwin Williams’ VinylSafe.

Can You Paint Aluminum Siding?

Once again, thanks to improved, modern paint products, painting your aluminum siding is a possibility. The key here is to be sure that the surface is very clean! Wash it with a power washer, scrubbing as needed with a solution specifically made for the job. This is essential because you need to remove any and all foreign material in order to ensure that your paint will grip properly.

If you see dark spots on your aluminum, try rubbing them off with a little bleach. If they disappear easily it means that they more than likely were mildew. Be sure to wash all traces of mildew away, scrubbing with a light bleach solution.

In most cases you will not need to use a primer. Try a product like Sherwin Williams’ Duration!

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